Recently, my niece who is watching all the Star Trek series in order informed me that she thinks I am like Garak due to my ability to answer a question without ever answering the question, as well as the elegent leather spoon built into my face.  I’m oddly fine with that, as Garak is one of the more fascinating characters in Deep Space 9, and ranks in my Top 5 favorites in all of Trek mythos.  That said, though, my number one fave-rave would always be Scotty, who managed to survive all three seasons of the show while wearing a red shirt!  (Granted, Uhura did the same backward in heels, but Scotty was on more away teams by a large factor.)  For that reason, I’ve always felt that I would prefer to wear the red uniform of Security/Engineering, presuming they make it in a XXXXL when I eventually make it to the 23rd Century.  (My plan for immortality is to live forever, and I’m on track so far.)  This, in turn, begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is not one with Landru, asking: If you were a character in Star Trek, what color shirt would you want to wear (and why)?


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  1. If I’m stuck in TOS, I’d wear science blue like I always have (and I do look cute in one of those minidress uniforms). I always imagined if I were in the Trek universe, I’d study alien biology and cross-species mating compatibility (which would lend itself superbly to pick-up lines).

    If I’m in the TNG era, I’d be wearing prison jumpsuit orange because I’d probably kill Wesley Crusher.

  2. If I were in Star Trek I figure I’d still be a numbers guy in some fashion, but probably doing something with physics. So I’ll done myself a nice blue uniform.

  3. Yellow,
    I often find myself in command positions and I think it suits me fine.
    Keep in mind that Kirk, while being in command, can also do many jobs that a red shirt or blue shirt could, he is not all action.

  4. I’d probably be blue. I think that would suit me more. I mean what good is being on a ship discovering new worlds if you don’t like science?

  5. I’d love to say I’d be a Gold shirt, Pushing Kirk himself aside on my way to the Orion Slave Girls… But the reality of the issue is there are a LOT more red shirts out there than Blue or Gold. I imagine getting handed one by Spock, Saying “Here, Put this on and report to the Transporter.” sometime in my first 15 minutes..

  6. It would be Blue, not only would it make my eyes pop, but I have always been into science and well that would be a Blue one on any show.

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