COSPLAY: Dragon Con Photo Parade


Major Spoilerite Falinor was a the 2013 Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA this past weekend, and sent us a slew of pictures from the event.

DragonCon-2013-01 DragonCon-2013-02 DragonCon-2013-03A DragonCon-2013-04 DragonCon-2013-05 DragonCon-2013-06 DragonCon-2013-07 DragonCon-2013-08 DragonCon-2013-09 DragonCon-2013-10 DragonCon-2013-11 DragonCon-2013-12A DragonCon-2013-13 DragonCon-2013-14 DragonCon-2013-15 DragonCon-2013-16 DragonCon-2013-17 DragonCon-2013-18

Thanks so much for sending these in! If you have pictures from a convention that you have attended that you want to share, send them to