As we said Friday, the final two have been selected and the vote for the name we will give our Magic: the Gathering card for You Make the Card 4 has been put up today. The final two choices are. . . all eight options. Yet another issue with the software has been noted and instead of stretching this round further, we just get to choose from all eight in one vote. Here’s the eight.

Vile Plunder
Drudge Rummage
Waste Not
Spoils of Misery
Riches From Rags
Carpe Noctem

I noted my preference last week, and voted on it today. Go vote yourself and let us know what you feel is best. The poll closes tonight, so make sure to get your vote in, and don’t forget to take the code “MADETHECARD” over to for a special achievement.

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Rob Rasmussen

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