Apparently there was an issue in the system on Monday. This round of voting for You Make the Card 4 has to be redone. Here’s the official statement.

Howdy folks,

Something went wrong in our pairings last night. We dug back into it and it looks like there was a mistake in the tracking of the names for votes (not for the options displayed) so the numbers were correct but we had them attributed to the wrong pairs. Due to this mistake, the four options we put up to vote yesterday were incorrect. Below is Ethan’s article with the corrected pairing results and the corrected votes for this round of the bracket. Please cast your vote again!


So get over there and vote for the correct pairings. This will only be up today and the finals will go live Monday instead of tomorrow as initially planned.

Riches from Rags vs. Necroharvest

Vile Plunder vs. Waste Not

Unfortunately for me, my first pick is out. I guess Necroharvest works.

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Rob Rasmussen

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