Image Comics released a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for a look at Lazarus #1, Mind the Gap #13, Morning Glories #30, Secret #3, Sex #6, Skullkickers #24, Super Dinosaur #20, and Think Tank #9.

Lazarus #3
Story By: Greg Rucka
Art By: Michael Lark
Price: $2.99
“FAMILY,” Part ThreeForever, now a “guest” of Family Morray in Mexico, shares a message and ultimatum, and gets to know her opposite number, the Morray Lazarus, Joacquim. In Los Angeles, the Twins continue their plot against their father, using Forever as their pawn.

lazarus03_cover lazarus03_p1 lazarus03_p2 lazarus03_p3 lazarus03_p4 lazarus03_p5 lazarus03_p6

Mind The Gap #13
Story By: Jim McCann
Art By: Rodin Esquejo
Art By: Dan McDaid
Price: $2.99
“R.I. PETERSSEN,” Part OneThe race to kill Elle begins here! Min and her lackeys wrestle to control the final fate of Elle, but there are others who may be one step ahead. The only thing that’s certain is that Elle must die. As Elle’s time as she knows it winds down, learn how it all began, with the flashbacks to the origin of Jairus! Is this the beginning of the end…or just the end of the beginning?

mindthegap13_coverA mindthegap13_coverB mindthegap13_p1 mindthegap13_p2 mindthegap13_p3 mindthegap13_p4 mindthegap13_p5 mindthegap13_p6

Morning Glories #30
Story By: Nick Spencer
Art By: Joe Eisma
Cover By: Rodin Esquejo
Price: $3.50
“Smaller Rebellions.”

morglories30_cover morglories30_p1 morglories30_p2 morglories30_p3 morglories30_p4 morglories30_p5 morglories30_p6

Secret #3
Story By: Jonathan Hickman
Art By: Ryan Bodenheim
Art By: Michael Garland
Price: $3.50
“THE SYSTEM”Things begin to unravel as we learn the identity of who Steadfast is working for. Billions and billions of bits of data floating through the air screaming to anyone who will listen: FOLLOW THE MONEY.

secret03_cover secret03_p1 secret03_p2 secret03_p3 secret03_p4 secret03_p5

Sex #6
Story By: Joe Casey
Art By: Piotr Kowalski
Price: $2.99
What is the Saturnalia?! Simon Cooke’s lawyer wants to know – and he’ll do anything to find out! And we do mean ANYTHING. Also this issue: the unfortunate consequences of hi-tech super-villainy. And you knew we’d eventually ask: Do SEX and politics mix?

sex06_cover sex06_p1 sex06_p2 sex06_p3 sex06_p4 sex06_p5 sex06_p6

Skullkickers #24
Story By: Ron Marz
Story By: Todd Dezago
Story By: Jim Zubkavich
Art By: Lee Moder
Art By: Stjepan Sejic
Cover By: Edwin Huang
Cover By: Jim Zubkavich
Price: $3.50
BEFORE SKULLKICKERS A return to our classic legacy numbering just in time for a new set of Tavern Tales! Four short stories by top flight talent detailing the earlier adventures of our heroes.

skullkickers24_cover skullkickers24_p1 skullkickers24_p2 skullkickers24_p3 skullkickers24_p4 skullkickers24_p5 skullkickers24_p6

Super Dinosaur #20
Story By: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Jason Howard
Art By: Cliff Rathburn
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
In the aftermath of their first battle with Tyrannosaurus X, Derek and Super Dinosaur get… fancy!

superdino20_cover superdino20_p1 superdino20_p2 superdino20_p3 superdino20_p4 superdino20_p5 superdino20_p6

Think Tank #9
Story By: Matt Hawkins
Art By: Rahsan Ekedal
Price: $3.99
“OUTBREAK,” Part OneDr. David Loren used to worry about the deadly consequences of his creations from the safety of his laboratory… but now he’s been deployed to Taiwan to oversee a field test gone awry. Will having the mysterious SEAL Team 6 as his bodyguards be enough to ensure that David returns home alive?

thinktank09_cover thinktank09_p1 thinktank09_p2 thinktank09_p3 thinktank09_p4 thinktank09_p5 thinktank09_p6

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