You Make the Card 4 is well under way as names have been tallied and votes are happening. Monday released the first brackets for voting on the eight potential names for our card (I missed that due to local technical difficulties, sorry). Those have been narrowed down to four, which will show off after the jump.

First, we’ll start with what the card currently looks like.


This looks pretty cool right now, and I hope we can make this very playable. So let’s look at the potential names.

Carpe Noctem vs. Necroharvest

Vile Plunder vs. Waste Not

Personally, I’m voting on Carpe Noctem for the final name and don’t care which of the other two wins. Let us know what you’re thinking and go over to vote yourself. Be sure to get over there today, as it is today only.

Also, be sure to check back on Friday for the final vote as there will be a Planeswalker Points achievement.


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