It’s no secret that Marvel has ran the tables on the live action superhero feature films, but DC has continued to put out captivating animated features that go straight to digital distribution and Blu-Ray. Because of that, I would highly suggest that DC takes a look at what Hoang Huy Ha has done with the design of the Justice League for a future film or, better yet, a kids television series.

Here is what Hoang Huy Ha had to say about the project:

After 3 months of the summer animating from time to time gradually, I finally finished this short animation test for the characters from DC Comics’ Justice League for personal practice. I set for myself a time limit of approximately 5 seconds to show all the powers of each character, including: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawk Girl, and Martian Manhunter.

Check out the animation here and keep on scrolling for stills of the character designs.

adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-1 adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-3 adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-5 adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-7 adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-9 adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-11 adorably-cool-justice-league-fan-made-animation-test-13


via Hoang Huy Ha


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