According to Todd McFarlane his most well known character, Spawn, could be seeing the big screen again some time next year. Take the jump to see what he has to say.

“The thing that keeps slowing it down is that the negotiation I’ve done is I write, produce, direct,” McFarlane tells The Gate, “but I’ve got to push a lot of my other endeavors off to the side so I can just get tunnel vision on it. And so everybody at my company is now going, ‘We’ve got to find Todd the time to finish all this.'”

He claims the studio wants a script before the end of the year, which means the shooting would be scheduled shortly thereafter and looks to be between 60 and 70 days. McFarlane goes on, “It’s not going to be a giant budget [film]with a lot of special effects. It’s going to be more of a horror movie and a thriller movie, not a superhero one.”

So, thoughts on a new Spawn film? Is it a good idea, a bad idea, what direction do you think they should take? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Making spawn into a horror movie is clearly the best move for the character. I’ve always had the opinion that the comic book does not work as a big super hero movie.

    Just cut the crap with the origins story and focus on a single comic book issue:
    Take for example #90. It would perfectly fit for a great eerie movie:

    “Spawn finds three nervous young men in an abandoned house with the body of a dead Asian girl. All three tell different stories about her demise and the events leading up to it, but each of their stories point the fingers at each other. Justice is served when Spawn gives the knife and the opportunity to carry out the sentence to one of them. He then takes the unlucky knife-wielder away to carry out his own brand of justice.”

  2. I think the efforts would be better spent on another season of the HBO animated series. Now THAT was bad ass.

    That being said, as a self-loathing Spawn fan I will still go watch it.

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