While discussing the difference between Herbie The Love Bug and Herbie The Fat Fury, the Widget wondered out loud if Herbie would be an even better race car if he had, in her words, “a driver that’s not just a jerk.”  Her suggested candidates included Racer X, John Cena and “that Knight Rider guy with all the hair,” any of which would make for one hell of a movie, but then she expanded the query to wonder if Jeff Gordon would get the leftover KITT, which in turn begs today’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still likes the idea of Jack Burton driving Optimus Prime into battle, asking: If you were tasked with choosing an unbeatable racing team, what pop culture automobile would you want and who would you hire to be your driver?


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  1. Car: Mach-5

    Driver: Rally Vincent, from Gunsmith Cats. Great driver, crack shot if it comes to that.

    Mechanic: Fix-it Felix. Can’t beat a magic hammer

    Moral Support: Minnie May, from Gunsmith Cats. Can’t think of anyone else who is going to support Rally other than her, plus she could bomb another car.

    Annoying kid/pet: Penny and Brain from Inspector Gadget. Great support, not that annoying.

    Driver with mysterious background: Bean Bandit, from Bean Bandit/Gunsmith Cats. Has a history, plays by his own rules, will help Rally now and then, for a price.

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