This weekend, the Widget discovered how to play Monopoly on her iPad, but couldn’t figure out how to win, as her bout with the computer players kept going on and on.  Having explained that endless rounds of rolling and trading money are, in fact, the reason why Monopoly stopped being one of my favorites during the mid-1980s (and the reason why many adults won’t so much as touch the game with a ten-foot pole), I proceeded to explain to her Daddy’s basic rules of Monopoly:    Buy when you can.  Trading is good.  Going to jail late in the game isn’t bad.  Using those rules, she then proceeded to beat the AI so badly that she had to up the game’s difficulty for the next round of the game.  Even having experienced this success, though, she questioned my last hard-and-fast Monopoly rule, (Winners always play the racecar) because of her affection for little Scottie dogs, but our discussion did at least trigger an idle Sunday morning query..

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) misses the days of battleship and cannon, asking:  Which Monopoly token is your favorite?


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  1. Hate to break it to you, Matthew, but the Widget is right – the Scottie dog is totally the best! That was always my piece of choice when I played Monopoly, which ultimately became known as “Monotony,” and then I moved on to other games.

    • Surprisingly that is one of the few versions I don’t have any game parts from. Twice I actually intended to just go buy the game after having seen it during a previous store visit when I couldn’t afford it, but it was out of stock by the time I could.

      At least I have my Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, but nobody will play me because I’ve never lost.

  2. I picked up the tokens of various non-standard editions at yard sales, so I’ve got several extras for a little variety. My personal preferences are Charmander, The Swedish Chef and a classic NES controller.

    Of the regular tokens, I prefer the top hat (though I’d like to get one of the new editions with the cat piece that is replacing the iron).

  3. I like the thimble.
    I have no clever catchy reason why.

    But heyyy. How cool would it be if we could start a Monopoly game right here right now?

  4. From the Star Wars version that we almost always used, Darth Vader. I liked the idea of the Empire owning everything.

  5. The Scottie, which I will have it lift its leg when passing a leading opponent. As a salute to their superior gamesmanship, of course.

  6. Awhile back there was a “Special Addition” Monopoly that had a bag of money as one of the pieces. That’s my favourite one. After that, it’s probably the Gimli Figurine from the LOTR Monopoly set.

    My Dad likes to use a Spyro the Dragon miniature in pretty much every board game we play. My brother does the same thing with his Warhammer models(I do too)

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