Lords of the Feywild

In this episode of Critical Hit, A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: A monkey lizard failure means trouble in the canyon for the entire party.


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  1. Crystal Groves on

    I really love the long episodes. These things get me through my workday.

    Very entertaining. Good job, everybody.

    I’m so eager to see what Rodrigo has in store for everyone in the next game.

  2. Just a pet peeve, and I am mainly commenting here for those people who listen to Critical Hit to learn the game and the rules. Rodrigo has announced his Houserules several times before, but apparently this is one, and is never mentioned… So, this is mainly me just wanting to make sure the listeners understand the actual rules vs the houserules of Critical Hit.

    I was listening to this episode, and at one point, Adriana rolled a crit, and asked “does my quarry damage get maxed to?” and the official answer is “Yes” though Rodrigo’s was “no”. Same with the Daily power of the flaming hammer, the d6 “extra” damage should have been maxed as well, since the offical rule is that on a crit, all dice are maxed except for those you specifically roll because you rolled a crit – ie, Magic Weapon Crit Dice, the extra [W] you get from High Crit. These are dice you wouldn’t roll outside of a crit, so they are not maxed. “Extra” Damage is considered to be from the source to which it is being added.

    The same would apply to Trelle’s Finishing Cut power “Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. If the target is bloodied or prone, the attack deals 2[W] extra damage.”

    If she crits on a Bloodied enemy, all 4[w] would be maximized. This is how it would work with the official rules, yet the current version of the houserule would have it that the first 2[W] are maxed, and the 2[W] “extra” damage is rolled.

    Other examples of damage that would be maxed on a Crit. Torq’s Furious Assault, Ket’s Curse damage, a Rogue’s Sneak Attack, am Essential Fighter’s Power Strike. Basically, any power that lets you choose to add extra damage to an attack, should definitely be added to a Critical Hit for maximum benefit.

  3. Seems like everyone got a little annoyed in this episode. I have been doing the D&D Next edition at encounters and it moves a lot faster than 4E, I miss all of the powers from 4th but not the added time everyone takes looking over character sheets and figuring out their turns.

    • XantharTheFlame on

      I think Stephen & Mathew were the most annoyed. I totally understand why, and I think they both had a right to be!

      Stephen was having no luck at all (as he mentioned above), which would really upset any player.

      Mathew on the other hand was repeatedly being told what to do on his turn, or being talked over when he was trying to explain what HIS character wanted to do next. Without naming names, I understand that a couple of the guys know the rules inside out and are very keen to maximize the party strategy in combat to optimize every little attack and defense, but honestly it becomes a number crunching game and moves too far away from ROLEPLAYING.

      If Mathew wants to play Torq as a character who’s philosophy is “Hit ’em in the face as hard as possible from the get go!” (and having listened to this podcast from the beginning I KNOW that he is), then let him do that. It’s not going to affect the overall outcome of the battle in the long run, and it was WAY MORE FUN listening to Torq being Torq way back in Season 1 & 2 when his combat style was not so controlled.

      Couple of other points:
      – Would players who are not directly involved in the current turn kindly refrain from side conversations or at least mute their microphones? It makes it hard to hear what’s going on in the foreground.
      – Don’t nitpick every little dice roll result (“did you factor in the -2?”) when you KNOW it’s not going to make any damn difference! It’s annoying and it interrupts the flow of the battle.

      I’ll get off my soap box now. Thanks for listening. Please do not throw cash donations!

  4. XantharTheFlame on


    Not to be critical of your combat choices in the least, but why is Orem not using many of his powers in the lat couple of combats? He is using Flaming Sphere and Magic Missle a lot, which he’s had basically from the start, and occasionally Thunder Wave… but unless my memory is crap I hardly ever hear about other powers.

    As a magic user I’d expect a lot more flamboyant and powerful spells (I am thinking back to Ed. 2 and 3.5 here). I have to assume, since you know your character & powers better than I do obviously, that there is a reason for it. Can you please enlighten me?

    Please don’t get me wrong – Orem is one of my 2 favorite characters, and I think the whole crew does a great job (despite my commentary above!) That’s why I am a $5/month donor after all.

    Thank you, and I hope I didn’t offend.


    Were you neglecting or forgetting that Randus could not see very well from his end of the battlefield? After the explanation of the lighting situation and the realization that it didn’t affect anyone EXCEPT Randus, it seemed to be forgotten …. except when Orange at a sun rod, which was hilarious!

    • Listen again – a lot of other spells are being used. They are big one-time only droppers. Depending on the battle most of the encounter spells are used. The choice of spells also depends on how well I’m rolling. If I’m rolling for crap (which I was in this episode), at least I’m doing minimum damage with Magic Missile and Flaming Sphere.

      Thanks for your comments! Keep listening as there are some big things coming!

      • XantharTheFlame on

        Thank you for the insight. I guess my memory is crap. :-)

        And don’t worry about me — I listen to every episode, plus I am re-listening to Season 2 right now in parallel. Can’t wait to see what happens!

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