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  1. I agree with everything here, except the part where Henry Cavill is the best Superman of all time. I enjoyed Man of Steel but I would call Henry Cavill an adequate Superman at best, and he had zero chemistry with Amy Adams who I really did like as Lois.

    Ben Affleck as Batman doesn’t sound right to me, but then again I thought Heath Ledger sounded like an absolutely horrible idea for the Joker and I was completely wrong. All I can do is hope the decision was made for some reason other than to attach a big name to the project.

  2. While I don’t share your appreciation of “Man of Steel” (except for Henry Cavill, who I agree is quite awesome), I do agree we have to wait and see. I think the main problem is this announcement caught fans totally off-guard – Affleck wasn’t even in the running and suddenly he’s Batman. You gotta let the Internet down easy, you know?

  3. The only thing I can add to this is: does anyone remember how people reacted when they announced Robert Downey Jr. was playing Iron Man? Sure, it’s not on the same level, because Iron Man was a “brand new” character in the eyes of everyday movie-goers (read: not comic-book readers), but I’m seeing a lot of parallels with this decision.
    I’m kinda hoping Ben knocks it out of the park too, since I’m one of the (apparently) minority of the internet swarm who likes him as an actor. Well, in most stuff (f’n Gigli…man, what were you thinking??)

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