BOOM! Studios sent the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving from BOOM! Studios and Archaia in November 2013.

Protocol_01_CVR_copyPROTOCOL #1
Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Mariano Navarro
Cover Artist: Stephane Roux

WHY WE LOVE IT: Written by Michael Alan Nelson (SUPERGIRL, HEXED) and drawn by newcomer Mariano Navarro, PROTOCOL is an action-packed espionage series with a compelling cast of young characters struggling with their transition into adulthood.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: PROTOCOL is a tense thriller perfect for fans of fun spy fiction like TV’s Alias or Mission: Impossible.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Grabbed up by the United States government and thrown into training camps, orphans around the country have been raised to become America’s next generation of superspies. Now, as adults, they live amongst us, ready for “the family” to call them back into action.

ImagineAgents_02_CVR_copyIMAGINE AGENTS #2
Author: Brian Joines
Artist: Bachan
Cover Artists: (A) Khary Randolph (B – Connecting Variant) Felipe Smith
(A) $3.99; (B) $0.00

Terry and Dave must gather their wits and uncover the mystery behind Dapple’s evil plan. With the help of the toy-filled, lovable gelatin-mass, Blounder, they may just have a chance to crack the case. Unbeknownst to them, the kidnapping of Furdlegurr has put 6-year-old Elliot Fairview onto Dapple’s trail.

SonsofAnarchy_03_CVR_copySONS OF ANARCHY #3
Author: Christopher Golden
Artist: Damian Couceiro
Cover Artist: Paul Azeceta

With the plan to transfer Kendra to a safe haven in place, Tig, Jax and the rest of SAMCRO prepare for the dangerous cross-country ride. But Griggs and the Ghost Brothers are already hot on their trail, and even worse, some of SAMCRO is beginning to question risking everything just to help the ex-porn-star daughter of a long dead member…

Hit_03_CVR_copyHIT #3
Author: Bryce Carlson
Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey
Cover Artist: Ryan Sook

As the noose slowly tightens, Slater is left with a choice: Does he give in to Blair’s sadistic demands and rejoin the Hit Squad, or does he take action against the East Coast mafia to save Bonnie? But really, he doesn’t have much of a choice at all…

Robocop_04_CVR_copyROBOCOP: LAST STAND #4
Story: Frank Miller
Sequential Adaptation: Steven Grant
Artist: Korkut Öztekin
Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey

Roaring down the burning streets of a dying city in a juiced-up cruiser, RoboCop must disappear into the night or meet his end by the onslaught of OCP officers on his tail. Barely functioning and fighting to maintain consciousness, RoboCop will need all the help he can get to survive.

3Guns_01_CVA_copy3 GUNS #4
Author: Steven Grant
Artist: Emilio Laiso
Cover Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

The gun deal Trench and Steadman were blackmailed into facilitating has gone south, and now the two guns are caught in the crossfire of the two warring factions. Meanwhile, Joey meets up with her government handler, leveraging the stolen weapons and money into a last-ditch attempt to bring both sides to justice.

Author: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jeff Stokely
Cover Artist: Ramón Pérez

Blue has almost made it back to the BlisterGate in his mission to return the dying general’s love-token to his Earth-side wife. The only problem? He’ll have to cross a battlefield to get there, with both the Rebels and the BXF soldiers out to get him and no 6GG in sight.

SuicideRisk_07_CVR_copySUICIDE RISK #7
Author: Mike Carey
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards

With the Nightmare Crew’s true plan revealed, Leo Winters must test the very limits of his burgeoning power to stop them—but will using his powers play right into their hands? Or, cause an even bigger tragedy than the one Leo’s putting so much at risk trying to stop?

Authors: Clive Barker, Mark Miller
Artist: Haemi Jang
Cover Artist: Goni Montes

As Tristan and Elspeth continue their race to Providence, their new traveling companions may hold the key to the mystery of Wick’s brethren. Meanwhile, Wick’s jealousy leads to a show of force unlike any of his previous acts.

Hellraiser_Darkwatch_10_copyHELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH #10
Authors: Clive Barker, Brandon Seifert
Artist: Tom Garcia
Cover Artist: Lorenoa Carvalho

Elliot Spencer’s last run-in with Leviathan didn’t go as planned, but the lord of the Labyrinth has no idea what his former protege has in store for him…

Author: Shane Houghton
Artis: Jerry Gaylord
Cover Artist: Jerry Gaylord

Series Finale! “4 Stories of the Apocalypse” concludes with an alternate reality tale: What if the Wrecking Crew turned zombie at SDCC, and the scrappy creators of a comic book series called FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES were the only humans left alive to stop them?

Deathmatch_12_CVA_copyDEATHMATCH #12
Author: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Carlos Magno
Cover Artist: Carlos Magno

The final battle is here, as the two heroes left standing wage war for the fate of the universe. This is the conclusion to the vaunted superhero maxiseries from famed creators Paul Jenkins (FAIRY QUEST, INHUMANS) and Carlos Magno (PLANET OF THE APES, TRANSFORMERS).

RegularShowSkips_01_CVRA_copy REGULAR SHOW: SKIPS #1
Author: Mad Rupert
Artist: Mad Rupert
Cover Artists: (A) Mad Rupert (B) Kel McDonald (C) Mia Schwartz (D) Tessa Stone
(A, B, C, or D) $3.99

WHY WE LOVE IT: No one is more mysterious in the crazy world of REGULAR SHOW than Skips, the park’s enigmatic yeti groundskeeper who always seems to know what’s going on. Finally, we get to see the world from his point of view.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you know that REGULAR SHOW is anything but ordinary…and newcomer Mad Rupert has crafted a comic that is extraordinary.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Pops decides to take the team on a mini-vacation for all the good work they’ve done. Little does Skips know, this vacation is not going to be a restful one…

Author: Mike Kunkel
Artist: Mike Kunkel
Cover: Mike Kunkel

Tyler learns what it means to be a hero while at the same time trying to figure out the mystery behind Von Klon. He might finally feel like he’s getting some answers, but it looks like he’s also getting more questions. A great story of a boy and his best friend overcoming the crazy obstacles that life throws at us.

AdventureTimeCandyCapers_05_CVAADVENTURE TIME: CANDY CAPERS #5
Authors: Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya
Artist: Ian McGinty
Cover Artists: (A) Nomi Kane (B), Linda Price, (C) Larry Birdsall, (D) Mad Rupert
(A, B, C, or D) $3.99

This ADVENTURE TIME whodunit continues with hilarious team-ups no one is expecting as Ooo searches for its newest hero, but is Peppermint Butler any closer to figuring out what happened to Finn and Jake? Each issue is great for fans by itself but for series readers, it’ll only be a matter of time before the truth finally comes out.

RegularShow_08_CVA_copyREGULAR SHOW #8
Author: KC Green
Artist: Allison Strejlau
Cover Artists: (A) Phil Jacobson, (B) Reed Black, (C) Yumi Sakugawa,
(D) Jemma Salume
(A, B, C, or D) $3.99

The newest issue of this not-so-regular REGULAR SHOW comic once again takes Mordecai and Rigby on an adventure that could only be found in a comic book! A great series for fans of slacker comedy, ’80s humor, and awesome, one-of-a-kind art!

Garfield_19_CVR_copyGARFIELD #19
Authors: Mark Evanier, Scott Nickelt
Artist: Andy Hirsch
Cover Artist: Gary Barker

Garfield and the gang have plenty to give thanks for, and we’re going to share two all-new stories this month, including the gang getting into some turkey day shenanigans, and the next chapter of the Lasagna Monster saga!

BravestWarriors_14_CVA_copyBRAVEST WARRIORS #14
Author: Joey Comeau
Artist: Mike Holmes
Cover Artists: (A) Tyson Hesse, (B) Kerrith Johnson, (C) Ashley Davis, (D) Matt Sheean
(A, B, C, or D) $3.99

Things are never easy for the Bravest Warriors; it’s probably what makes them so gosh darn likable. This issue isn’t just another “will they, won’t they” between Beth and Chris (answer: socks), it’s another mission where the Bravest Warriors will get to bring their unique personalities together to overcome all obstacles in their way!

AdventureTime_22_CVA_copyADVENTURE TIME #22
Author: Ryan North
Artists: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
Cover Artists: (A) Mike Holmes, (B) Sarah Harrocks, (C) Tessa Stone, (D) Allen Lau
(A, B, C, or D) $3.99

Finn and Jake find themselves in a sticky situation when Princess Bubblegum’s experiments searching for the origin of life—specifically, her life—go horribly wrong, overcoming the Candy Kingdom! What sour weapon can the boys find that can overcome something so primordially sweet?

Peanuts_13_CVPEANUTS #13
Authors: Charles M. Schulz, Various
Artists: Charles M. Schulz, Various
Cover Artist: Charles M. Schulz

When it comes to winning this year’s Miss Crabby Pageant, Lucy is going all out. But with competition like Molley Volley and Crybaby Boobie, can Lucy out crabby her way to the shiny winner’s trophy? Enjoy “Miss Crabby Pageant” and many more Peanuts adventures in this latest issue, full of heart and fun galore!

Author: Caleb Monroe
Artist: Yasmin Liang
Cover Artist: Joseph Michael Linsner

Caleb Monroe and Yasmin Liang bring you all-new stories of the original Avengers, as the super-spy duo face a murderous conductor, crack the case of the Suicide Town, and get into a literal race against time. Collecting issues 4-7.

Authors: Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Damian Couceiro
Cover Artist: Alex Ross

After the cataclysm that devastated Ape City, Doctor Zaius, his family, Cornelius, and Marcus are tasked with the difficult and often treacherous responsibility of rebuilding civilization. But what terror lies beneath the ruins? Ancient mysteries unfold and Ape City continues to crumble while Zaius’ search for answers winds its way deeper into the unknown. Collecting issues 5-8 of the critically acclaimed series.

Authors: Danielle Corsetto
Artist: Zack Sterling
Cover Artist: Stephanie Gonzaga

WHY WE LOVE IT: Our favorite princesses are getting a chance to take the main stage as they learn the importance of friendship and what it really means to wear a crown.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: It’s a book about how Princesses can overcome their differences while at the same time kicking butt and taking names.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Princess gatherings aren’t always tea parties and doilies, there is a lot more to being a Princess that one might think. Danielle Corsetto (GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS) and Zack Sterling return with an
adventure where some of our favorite princesses learn what it really takes to be a princess, while learning to respect each other for their unique outlooks on life.

Joyners_in_3D_GN_Cover THE JOYNERS IN 3D HC
Author: R.J. Ryan
Artist: David Marquez
Cover Artist: David Marquez

In mid-21st century Northern California, prosperous technology executive George Joyner stands on the brink of revolutionizing life in America (again) with his latest high-flying invention. But just as business booms, George’s private life begins to implode, with devastating consequences, for his wife Sonya, their children Rochester and Michelle, and Sonya’s ailing father, David. Brought to life in stunning anaglyph 3-D (two pairs of glasses come enclosed with each book), The Joyners in 3D details a story of personal betrayals, industrial intrigue, and sexual desire in uncompromising and visually impeccable terms. The Joyners in 3D reunites writer R.J. Ryan and Ultimate Spider-Man illustrator David Marquez, collaborators on Archaia’s acclaimed graphic novel Syndrome, for which Marquez earned a 2011 Russ Manning Award nomination.

Mouse_Guard_Legends_of_the_Guard_v2_GN_Cover MOUSE GUARD: LEGENDS OF THE GUARD VOL. 2 HC
Authors: David Petersen, Ben Caldwell, Eric Canete, Rick Geary, Cory Godbey, Cliff Monear, Stan Sakai, Jemma Salume, Christian Slade, Jackson Sze, Nick Tapalansky, Bill Willingham, and C. P. Wilson III
Artists: David Petersen, Ben Caldwell, Eric Canete, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Rick Geary, Justin Gerard, Cory Godbey, Jemma Salume, Stan Sakai, Christian Slade, Jackson Sze, Bill Willingham, and C. P. Wilson III
Cover Artist: David Petersen

The 2011 Eisner Award winner for Best Anthology is back with a second volume! In the mouse tavern known as the June Alley Inn, a new round of storytelling begins between the patrons. Their goal is to be declared the best story of the night in hopes of having their outstanding debt to the barmaid forgiven. Each story is written and illustrated by a different creator, while Mouse Guard creator David Petersen supplies the tavern scenes! Legends of the Guard continues the tradition of featuring handpicked artists and storytellers by Petersen, including fan-favorites like Stan Sakai (Usagi Yokimbo), C.P. Wilson III (The Stuff of Legend), and Bill Willingham (Fables), and up-and-comers like Christian Slade (Korgi), Rick Geary (The Adventures of Blanche), and Jemma Salume (Unicorn Life Cycle).

 An_Aurora_Grimeon_Story_Will_o_the_Wisp_GN_CoverAN AURORA GRIMEON STORY: WILL O’ THE WISP HC
Author: Tom Hammock
Artist: Megan Hutchison
Cover Artist: Megan Hutchison

After her parents’ accidental death by mushroom poisoning, young Aurora Grimeon is sent to live with her estranged grandfather on Ossuary Isle, deep in the southern swamps. Joined by her grandfather’s pet raccoon Missy, Aurora explores the fog-covered island of graves. Along the way, she meets its sinister residents who care for the tombstones and mausoleums, living out their lives by the strange rules of Hoodoo magic. When ghostly things start happening out in the swamp and island residents start disappearing, Aurora thrusts herself into the middle of the mystery, uncovering secrets that might be better left buried.

Moon_Lake_v2_GN_Cover MOON LAKE VOL. 2 HC
Author: Dan Fogler, Kevin J. Anderson, and Andrew Harrison
Artists: Nadir Balan, Kevin Colden, Dan Dougherty, Alex Horley, Fernando Pinto, Darick Robertson, Alex Sheikman, Jeff Stokely, and Anna Wieszczyk
Cover Artist: Alex Horley

This follow-up to Dan Fogler’s (“Take Me Home Tonight,” “Fanboys”) first volume of Moon Lake is a new collection of stories that mesh comedy, horror, and science fiction into one insane anthology that’s inspired by Tales From The Crypt and Heavy Metal. A seemingly harmless body of water is actually a mysterious portal into the weird and deranged, affecting all who come into contact with it. From zombie dinosaurs to an inter-dimensional Sasquatch trying to save its species from extinction to a mass-murdering high school cheerleader, enjoy more twisted tales from Moon Lake!

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