Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in digital and print this week.

Anne of Green Gables #1
In print & digital
writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Giancarlo Malagutti

When Matthew Cuthbert goes to the train station to pick up the orphan he and his sister Marilla plan to adopt, he expects to meet a boy who can help on the family farm. Instead it’s Anne – a talkative, dreamy, red-haired, freckle-faced 11-year-old little girl who transforms the Cuthberts’ life forever and fills it with love and joy.

AnneGable0101revised AnneGable0102revised AnneGable0103revised AnneGable0104revised AnneGreenGables_cvr01

American Defenders: The Navy
In print & digital
writer: Don Smith
Artist: David Alabarcez

For over two centuries, the seas and oceans of the world have been a safer place thanks to the United States Navy. “American Defenders: The United States Navy” traces how this global force for good began, helped America win not only win the Civil War, but World War I and World War II and continues to defend America’s best interests today and beyond.

NAVY us_navy01 us_navy02 us_navy03 us_navy04-5

Fame: Tom Daley
In print & digital
writer: Michael Troy
Artist: Alex Schumacher

Bluewater Productions introduces a new biography comic featuring Tom Daley. British diver Tom Daley made quite a splash at the 2012 Olympic Games with his winning personality, boyish good looks and impressive physique. Writer Michael Troy and artist Alex Schumacher tell the inspiring young swimmer’s tale of triumph and tragedy from his Olympic success to the loss of his father and his rise as a reality tv celebrity.

DALEY_01 DALEY_02 DALEY_03 DALEY_20 DALEY_21 FameTomDaley

Ruth and Freddy #3
In print & digital
writer: Darren G. Davis, Bobby Breed
Artist: Taylan Kurtulus

The fate of all mankind rests in the hands of the newly resurrected Ruth & Freddy, on a mission to rescue their grandson, and the armies of light lead by the goddess Ishtar. Can the two zombified grandparents learn to control their new powers and put a stop to Ereshkigal’s zombies?

Ruth&Freddy3 RuthFreddypage1 RuthFreddypage2 RuthFreddypage3 RuthFreddypage4 RuthFreddypage5

FAME: Pop Stars 3
Digital only
writer: Marc Shapiro
Artist: Jill Lamarina

Fame offers a broad examination of strong and influential personalities who are influencing culture. In this collected edition, we focus on the singing megastars of the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, including Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato.

FamePOPSTARS3 Popstars01 Popstars02 Popstars03 Popstars04 Popstars05

Tribute:  Margaret Thatcher
In print & digital
writer: John Blundell
Artist: Robert Bruner

Bluewater goes overseas again for a special edition featuring Margaret Thatcher. John Blundell has known Margaret Thatcher since 1970 and she recently commented that he “has been one of the most effective champions of the free-enterprise economic model which has delivered progress and prosperity around the world. Therefore he is very well placed to explain to Americans the beliefs and principles which underpinned what became known as Thatcherism.”

Thatcher_001_001 Thatcher_001_002 Thatcher_001_003 Thatcher_001_004 Thatcher_001_005 THATCHERTRIBUTE

Female Force: Meredith Vieira
Digital only
writer: Brent Sprecher
Artist: Alex Lopez

This best-selling comic series has been featured on CNN, Fox News, and  OK! Magazine. Award-winning journalist, talk show host, wife and mother– Meredith Vieira is all of these things and more. At the height of her career, Meredith walked away from it all to put her family first. By refusing to compromise her beliefs and by constantly reinventing herself, Meredith is living proof that women CAN have it all. Follow along as two young girls from dysfunctional families discover the secrets of Meredith’s success.

FFMededith Meredith-Vieira_001_015 Meredith-Vieira_001_016 Meredith-Vieira_001_017 Meredith-Vieira_001_018 Meredith-Vieira_001_019

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