All through the Summer one of the largest rumors is that in the coming Amazing Spider-Man  movies we would see the introduction of the Sinister Six. This notion has generally been brushed off in parts, but we might now have the evidence to prove such a claim.

This month’s Empire magazine will feature the images below, which give us a great look at Stan Lee, Paul Giamatti and a large tip off of possible villains to come in future Spidey movies.

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How do you feel about the possibility of the Sinister Six making their way on to the screen? And what collection of villains would you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I see the potential for a disaster. Did they not learn anything after Spider-Man 3? The Sinister 6 might work, but only if they can find away to have six villains that wasn’t at the expense of telling an actual good story… Of course, the whole thing could be a ploy. If you remember, when they filmed “Superman Returns” they disguised the whole project under the name “Red Star”. Personally, I’d rather have them bring back Doc Ock. Why make a movie about a lot of second stringers when they could focus on the real deal instead? There’s a reason they make Superman movies with villains like Zod and Lex Luthor, instead of villains like Toyman or the Prankster.

    • This “second-stringers” nonsense is one of the most infuriatingly nonsensical arguments in fandom.

      The Superman movies became less and less successful precisely BECAUSE the creators can’t imagine making the film with Luthor and the Man Of Steel creators made a point of not including him for that reason. There’s a reason why Batman doesn’t fight the Joker every single month, and that reason is the tedium of repetition. The Big Two companies have now created a system by which The Next Big Thing has to lead into the Next Next Big Thing precisely because of this “second-stringer” fan mindset, and it makes for homogenous and meaningless stories, and a return to the “EVERYTHING IS BIGGER THAN BEFORE” excesses of 90s comics.

      I don’t know if this movie is going to fail or succeed, but either way, it certainly won’t be because they didn’t go back to the Doctor Octopus well again.

      Remember, no one outside of comics (and perhaps Norse mythology buffs) knew who Loki was before Thor set him up to be the massive threat in Avengers. If they tell a good story, there’s no such thing as a second-stringer…

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