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215 Ink announced the first print edition of BREAKNECK to be sold at the Baltimore Comic Con. It will be a collected edition of issues #1-3 and the hard to find issue #4 . A print edition of Silver-Age legend writer/artist Jim Starlin’s newest work MINDGAMES will also be sold at the convention. Single issues of comics will be 2 for $5.00 and trade paperback books will be $10.00. 215Ink will also be selling USB drive’s loaded with their entire comic catalog for $10.00 and providing digital download cards as promotions.

Press_Release_Breakneck_By_the_ThroatPraised by Evan Henry of InGenre as “The best independent (non-Big-Four) title I have read in a long, long time” Breakneck features the crappiest supervillian ever, Ethan Shade. Shade is the only survivor of a murderous crackdown on supervillains and fights to survive as the last villain in a world of heroes. Jim Starlin, creator/co-creator of Thanos, Gamora, and Shang Chi, has brought his “Hardcore Station” tales from DC to 215Ink. Mindgames is a 98 page illustrated novel about licensed telepathic therapist Dr. Zareb Alter and his struggles to survive the snares of the DeFoncĂ© crime organization.

215 Ink is an independent comic book publisher dedicated to showcasing some of the most original creator-owned titles from some of the best up and coming creators in the industry. To see 215Ink’s work please visit

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