The recent release of Iron Man 3 deleted scenes has reminded me of the sadly ham-fisted way the creators brought the Mandarin to the big screen, something that has vaguely stuck in my craw about Tony Stark’s third outing.  I mean, yes, there are different expectations in comics than in movies, but mainstream movies have put together things MUCH more ridiculous than an Asian overlord with alien rings of power.  (Of course, I’m sure the official company line is that they defanged the character to offset the general racism of his Fu Manchu background, something I can totally get behind.)  Either way, I’m bummed that one of Marvel’s oldest characters has been brought to the screen in a manner that makes him less threatening that Torgo the satyr from ‘Manos: The Hands Of Fate,’ which makes me certain that ‘ThE MAstER WilL NoT LikE ThiS,’ and also begs a question…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has to admit that they still haven’t done a Red Skull who doesn’t look goofy, even with the menacing dulcet tones of Agent Smith, asking: Who’s the LEAST effective live-action super-villain in history?


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  1. Lex Luthor. all through the Donner era Superman, The man wanted to absolutely obliterate western society for a Land deal. For some reason whenever Hackman was on the screen all I could picture was Sally Brown dictating her christmas list to her older brother Charlie, asking for real estate. neither he, nor his follow up Spacey could really get his meat hooks int the Idea that Luther had levels of distain for the alien that not only thwarted his hairless-brained schemes, but sonstantly stole his media thunder.

    The Smallville era Rosenbaum was a better reach, however seemed more geared to the “Why won’t you be my bestest best friend and then I won’t have to hate youfor ruining me schemes” feel. Also not what I read as the dynamic between Boy Scout and CEO/PResident/Power Hungry Supergenius.

  2. Lord Zedd. He made ONE monster that had the power to destroy the original Megazord and then never really had that sort of success on his own again. Halfway through the season, he’s married (by a magical elixir making him love her) to Rita and they combine their powers and STILL can’t defeat the Power Rangers. Everything afterwards that caused them any problems was pretty much only because of someone else (Rito Revolto, Master Vile, etc.). He’s supposed to be one of the most evil beings in the universe and instead he wastes his time trying to destroy ONE CITY ON EARTH and can’t even defeat one little gang of teenagers. He may as well go hang out with Dr. Doofenshmirtz, except Doof is far too cool for him by comparison.

    Maybe I’m just a little spoiled because the villains in Super Sentai at least manage to kill a character once in a while.

  3. Davros and by extension the Daleks soundly defeated by a mad man with a box on an annual bases for 50 years straight, kind of embarrassing for galaxy conquering master race.

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