Lords of the Feywild

In this episode of Critical Hit, A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: It’s time to take on the Monkey Lizards.

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  1. 10 minutes in and I was laughing so hard. Everyone played their characters so well. Orem squealing was especially hysterical.

    • Definitely one of the best quotes from the entire show. Instant classic. Well played, Adriana. Well played indeed.

  2. Alexander Rudiger on

    If you want to play a dnd game in the magic universe, with cool monsters flavored toward MTG cards then I would suggest that none of the players are planeswalkers. Instead they have been summoned by an npc planeswalker to troubleshoot it’s problems, ie kill lots of cool MTG monsters and perhaps fight their way to an enemy planeswalker. Once an arc is complete they can be summoned to a new plane and do cool stuff there as well, perhaps getting to like the planeswalker that keeps summoning them or trying to fight their way free of its influences.

    • I don’t think Trelle ever said carte blanche “killing is bad,” so much as it should only be done to preserve the natural order. After all, Trelle had never encountered the moonsters before and sympathized with their imprisonment (having been captured and enslaved by a greater fey). I’m pretty sure a few episodes back she actually met with the clan elders and concluded that the monkey lizards had to be exterminated for the greater good. Was she naive and idealistic to think that the lunar creatures could be “rehabilitated” to the natural world? Sure, but that’s how Adrianna has played the character.

  3. Could you list your three or five funniest moments from the podcast? I’m thinking Orem’s reaction to the nastiness HAS to make that list. It was fantastic.

    But it also leads to a problem I have with the group’s structure since Trelle joined up. She was brought on as a “guide” and has taken over as a de facto leader and tactician (and struggles as both).

    The others have killed hundreds (possibly thousands) of moonsters and yet they defer to her wishes about the juicy organs.

    Could you explain how/why Ket and Orem, in particular, have let her take the reins so completely?

    Thanks for the info because so far my insight rolls have been terrible.

    • Crystal Groves on

      I think the group leaving the decision making to Trelle lately is due to the fact that in the forrest, land of the elves, Trelle is the one all the natives look to for guidance. She’s their Twilight Guardian, after all. So even though a lot of the tactics and advise come from the guys, the general population of the everdeep elves only follow said advise if it comes from Trelle. It’s probably the only way. The elves probably aren’t too keen on taking any orders from outsiders. Especially ones so, ahem, unique as our main cast.

  4. Argh. I know it’s a personal preference, and I mean no offense to any of the players, but Trelle grates more with every episode. Unfortunately the only character who seems at all interested in standing up to her shrill demands (Ket) has been shut down by Rodrigo or the other characters anytime he even thinks about asserting himself. I LOVED every minute of every episode before Trelle’s arrival, but Critical Hit has become more and more the Trelle show with cameos by the other characters. I know the CH group doesn’t see it this way, and it’s their game and their prerogative to play as they wish. I just hope that some balance can be established in future episodes. We all have characters we like and dislike in all forms of media, but it’s frustrating when the one and only character I dislike in the entire show is the one that dominates every scene.

    • I think disliking Trelle is a sign of immaturity. She plays a headstrong character, very vocal and straightforward. If one of the other group members wanted to step up and lead they could, but they let her because she has a strong presence.

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