Thing we want to pass on to our children

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We are all gonna die! Hopefully we have something to leave to our children.


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  1. I haven’t listened yet, so I have no idea what direction you guys are taking this but…
    5. A love for books and reading. Reasons should be obvious, but books have shaped me in so many ways. They stimulate the mind, help communication/writing skills, convey knowledge, etc.
    4. A love for playing and listening to music. See above!!!
    3. A good work ethic. This past couple generations have such an entitlement/entertainment attitude. I’m talking about myself too — I struggle against my laziness every day. If my kids grow up with the attitude that they will have to work, sometimes struggle, for the things they want, then they’ll be better off.
    2. A good character. I want my kids to grow up honoring and respecting people and serving their community; especially the boys respecting women. I don’t want them to accept the cultural image of the male doofus (see male husband on TV of the past 20 years) or the bitchy woman (see every wife of every husband on TV of the past 20 years). In this age of pop culture idiots and knuckleheads putting their entire lives on facebook and twitter, there’s little place for self-respect. “A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother.” (Proverbs 10:1, ESV)
    1. My love for God. I’m sure this will rankle a few of you, but if you truly love something you want others to love it too. If you truly believe something you want others to believe that too. I truly love and believe Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, and want my children to share that.

    • Just wanted to say, I love your list!

      From number 5 to especially number 1, it’s a great blueprint.

      I’m glad there are guys like you out there Gary.

  2. Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, here is my pop culture list:
    5. A love for rock music: especially late 60s Beatles and Hendrix and Pink Floyd, but all the way through the 70s Zepplin and on to more punk/alt of the 90s and the prog rock of the 2000s. Hopefully they will skip the whole hair band disaster.
    4. Sci-if lit: especially early Asimov, most of Heinlein, and Card’s Enders Game series. In retrospect I have problems with each of these authors for different reasons, but their ability to paint new worlds and open imaginations has always stuck with me.
    3. Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Nuff said.
    2. Boardgames! Especially more social endeavors like Settlers, D&D, and Munchkin. The act of sitting around a table and actually enjoying the company of friends and family is something that is sadly lost on a lot of people these days. These games are fun and help build communication and analytical skills.
    1. A love for the weird and goofy. This is somewhat general, but I hope my kids learn to appreciate unusual stuff like obscure Japanese cartoons to bizarre comics like Saga or Double Barrel (when they are old enough), to slightly more mainstream stuff like The Tick, and Scott Pilgrim. I want my kids to smirk at those SNL skits where everyone else is asking WTF? I want them to know who Andy Kaufman is, and enjoy awkward silences. I want them to read Jonathan Lethem and PKD. I want them to be sad because their favorite TV show was canceled after one season.

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