The 20th Anniversary Super Sentai, Carranger, is notable for a lot of things, most of them goofy.  Being simultaneously a celebration and a deconstruction of the Japanese color-coded super-team genre, the Carranger production team went nuts all over the place, throwing in anything and everything that would be awesome and/or funny, including a cute alien princess.  Possessed of a transforming robot that essentially became ‘Hello, Kitty’, said princess served as a temporary ersatz Sixth Ranger and had a truly wonderful costume to boot.  Oh, you wanna know her name?

Fanbelt.  Radietta Fanbelt.

If you can’t find the utter brilliance in that most epic of naming conventions (what with the season being about racing machines and having an automotive theme), then I don’t know if I trust your judgement anymore, which begs a query.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) probably has a Top 5 including Otto Octavious, Captain Marvelous and Joe Dirt, asking: If you had to take on the name of an existing fictional character for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why?


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  1. I have no real witty answer to the MSQOTD, but I just wanna say I am severely disappointed that Radietta Fanbelt & her awesome cat-bot never made it to our shores.

    • I’m almost convinced the only reason they didn’t add her into Power Rangers Turbo was because it was also when they had the little boy become the blue ranger and they probably thought having two kid rangers was too much.

  2. Best Carranger moment ever wasn’t even in their own series, but in Gokaiger when the spirit/shadow of Red Racer appeared over Kyosuke Jinnai and he slapped it away.

    Back on topic, I think I’d have to go with Sarah Jane Smith for the elegant simplicity.

  3. Vandal Savage. People would think twice about messing with a guy with that name. Unfortunately, I don’t really look the part.

  4. Saffron Reynolds, I choose a fictitious name for my fictitious name! Natasha Romanova would be pretty awesome too, or perhaps something simple and concise. The Doctor, perhaps?

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