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Fan Support, Creator Distributed geek gurus Zombie Orpheus Entertainment announced an ambitious rollout for their most recent release TheGamers: Hands of Fate. The much awaited sequel to Dorkness Rising will arrive in waves. The festival cut will premiere at Gen Con Indy August 15th and the premiere extended version on August 17th. If you are not attending the show visit where you will be able to stream the entire film for free throughout August. DRM-free digital downloads will also be available for sale.

A serialized extended edition of the movie begin September 3rd on with thirty plus minutes of additional scenes, detours into a Matt Forbeck’s Dangerous Games novel and Alderac Entertainment Group’s Romance of the Nine Empires card game. Viewers will also experience the film via an annotated multi-linear experience.  DVD and Blu-Ray editions containing both the festival and extended cut of the movie will be available this fall.

About the movie:

In The Gamers: Hands of Fate, the cast of internationally acclaimed The Gamers: Dorkness Rising returns for another dice-hurling, waffle-devouring, GM-infuriating romp through worlds of sword, sorcery, and surrealism. In Hands of Fate, the gamers must expand their horizons past pen-and-paper RPGs to explore two whole new realms of geekdom – Collectible Card Games (CCGs) and game convention life – and face off against their arch-nemesis: The Shadow!

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About Zombie Orpheus:

Zombie Orpheus is a multimedia production company dedicated to developing and producing original, scripted content for web distribution. Their mission is to to thrill fans of fantasy, science fiction, and horror with tales of high adventure, smart comedy, and surprising twists and turns. Their productions are Fan Supported and Creator Distributed.

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