I got a big kick out of the ‘Wolverine Vs. Predator’ fan film, and enjoyed the amount of detail work that went into it.  Granted, things didn’t end the way I would have expected them to, but ever since the Predators wiped out Golden City back in the 90s, their stock probably hasn’t been quite as high as it was in the Carl Weathers/Arnold Schwarzenegger days.  Either way, that battle seems like little more than a gateway to OTHER battles, with my personal favorite being ‘Space Ghost Vs. The Chitauri’, but most of the people I’ve spoken with finding fascination in a different pairing entireley, which begs a query….

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a sneaking suspicion that this one may be a rout, asking: Wolverine Vs. Aliens – Who Wins?


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  1. He’s already beaten the Brood several times and as a kid I couldn’t tell the difference between the Alien and the Brood so…..make mine Wolvie.

  2. So what happens when the Face Hugger gets into your system, you usually go into a coma while it starts to gestate, then it generally explodes out of your chest cavity and sings “Hello my Darlin'” across the diner counter (Gotta give me points for the ‘Spaceballs’ reference). Wolverine has survived far worse, to the point he has beel litterally blown to bits and regenerated all the way back to the stubble on his chin. at the very best outcome, The Alien Egg would infest the Canucklehead when his guard was down, and would simple gestate inside until hatching was done. Then, our man Logan would regen and kill of any other Aliens that Ripley left behind… Except of course one…

    See the trick to the Aliens is that they take on the traits of those the gestate in, for example the Alien/Predator Alien was gifted with a familiar jawshape. So while the rest of the Aliens were quite dead, that last pesky bugger would end up with nice bone claws and a healing factor that just won’t quit.

    Personally I think that would end up in a Sabertooth style standoff where the Alien only shows up two weeks after Wolverines birthday, and they fight to a draw every time.

  3. Stalemate.

    A facehugger would find it’s way to wolverine.
    The newborn alien would have wolverines powers.
    Wolverine regenerates, and they will fight eachother FOREVAH!

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