Bryan Singer, director for Days of Future Past, has been fairly consistent with giving fans information and glimpses of the production through his personal Twitter account for months now. He recently took it a step farther by having an in person Q&A session and dropping certain facts about the upcoming film. He also tweeted another behind-the-scenes image.

Singer’s Q&A session took place at the Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival where he let those in attendance and beyond in on aspect of Days of Future Past. As for characters he confirmed that Scarlet Witch will not be appearing, but that Josh Helman will be playing a young General Stryker andSinger is happy with the casting of Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde. The director isn’t all smiles on the character front however as he said he didn’t like the way that Cyclops died in X-Men: The Last Stand, making him unavailable for DOFP, but, as many of you will know, he did figure out a way for Patrick Stewart to return to his role as Professor X.

As for the production Singer announced that the film is being shot natively in 3D, so no post-converting will be happening on this film. A smart move if 3D is going to be used I would say. Later Singer tweeted out another set picture with the caption, “Brightest set I’ve ever filmed on. #3600framspersecond #Quicksilver #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast.”



With Singer stating they are filming a Quicksilver scene at 3600 frames per second (normal filming happens at 24 frames per second) you can expect a super slow motion shot of Pietro in the flick.

I’m personally loving all the information Bryan Singer is sharing with the public, especially since it is one that comes with much anticipation from the fans.

Every day it seems that no one will want to miss Days of Future Past when it comes to theaters May 23, 2014.

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