Not long ago, I wondered aloud about the questions surrounding Wonder Woman’s viability as a movie/TV property, and whether they’re legitimate concerns.  (Hint: They’re really not so much.)  Given that Warner Brothers has stated that Wonder Woman is still in the works, even though the Flash has been (you should excuse the expression) fast-tracked, naturally we can expect a lengthy casting process full of twists and turns and disappointment near the end.  Since this is the internet, though, we’re allowed to ignore the realities of Hollywood with the money and the availability and the glayven, and just jump ahead to the dream-casting part, which begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “them-mes-skera”) would really dig an Amazon princess played by Sara Ramirez, but understands that things will probably skew MUCH younger, asking:  Who is your ideal pick when/if live-action Wonder Woman finally makes it out of development hell?


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  1. Shame this wasn’t 10 years ago.
    Lucy Lawless for wonderwoman 2003!

    I don’t really know who would fit it now though. Knowing Hollywood, it’s going to be Megan Fox or some such too young eye candy who won’t be able to carry the role.

  2. Ideally I’d go with an unknown rather than any established actresses, perhaps a theater actress or someone from one of those independent wrestling leagues. My reason being there are very few actresses right now that I think could ideally pull the character off in the way the character deserves and we won’t be “tainted” by any previous performances of the actress that will make us expect her to act one way or another.

    If we MUST go with a known actress, then I would choose either Jaime Murray (H.G. Wells on “Warehouse 13”) or Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun of “Farscape”, Vala Mal Doran of “Stargate SG-1”). They may not be the ideal “young” age Hollywood would want, but I think they could both pull off the role.

  3. Focus more on the script than the actress.
    Since this is a first film, develop a solid origin like George Perez’s.
    Make a costume that looks good on film, yet captures the spirit of the Wonder Woman comics.
    Start off in the 40’s as a near-immortal showing up in modern times.

  4. I think with the success of Smallville ,Arrow ,The Batman trilogy and Man of Steel have proven that unknowns can carry the role. And if you look at the strengths of the 1st 3 I mentioned all were a success. Man of Steel did earn a lot of money but the script wasn’t as strong as it could be. Henry Cavill carried the film.

  5. I want to say Gina Carano, but I don’t know if her acting skills are up to it. Course that kinda depends on the script, and kinda how they define WW.

    I wonder what Ronda Rousey would look like with black hair. Probably like Moon Bloodgood.

  6. I want an unknown, or a youthenized Linda Carter. If they go unknown, I would like a naturally Greek looking star. Maybe Tracy Spiridakos from revolution, but I am not convinced.

    • You know what’s sad? That single pic is by far the best live adaptation of the character I have ever seen, she has the body, her posture and facial expression fit perfectly.

      Hell I’m not into the whole “xxx parody” bit but I’m seriously thinking of buying that dvd.

      The costume is better quality then the one that was going to be used in the tv-series for Pete’s sake! It’s a sad state of affairs when the porn industry has better production quality then the main stream medias…

  7. Somebody mentioned Gina Torres of Firefly fame take up the mantle. I can’t help but like the idea.

    But I tend to agree with the folks on here who’ve already said they should cast a talented unknown in the roll. I’d be really excited to see a fresh face in hero-land.

  8. Relatively tall (5’9″ or taller) (because a short Wonder Woman would look silly), ideally blue eyes and black hair (just because those are usual for the character and sometimes contacts and a dye job are noticeable), somewhat curvy (just because that’s usual for the character), and a well-toned body (think Jessica Biel in Blade 3) — my one complaint about Lynda Carter is that she had pipe cleaner arms, especially in the first season.

    Find someone who can act and fits those parameters and there’s your Wonder Woman. Heck, you can even forget the toned requirement at first — just get your pick a personal trainer and work them for 6 months or so before filming

  9. I would vote for Olga Kurylenko, the Bond girl from Quantum of Solice. She has the exotic good looks to pull off playing a Goddess made from clay.

    I do think you should amend your comment about the concerns about Wonder Woman being a viable property being illegitimate to read “in your opinion”. You pretty much discounted everything everybody said in that thread. Wonder Woman as a property seems to have greater potential for ending up as a train wreck than many other comic book properties. The fact that you don’t personally agree with potential problems doesn’t mean they aren’t legitimate concerns.

    Quite frankly, I think everybody’s been spoiled by the recent crop of excellent superhero movies and television shows that they forget the long history of badly done superhero fare that was dished out previously, and Wonder Woman’s costume, magic lasso and “bullets and bracelets” lend themselves more easily to a campy 60’s “Batman” approach than to a serious, respectful approach to the property, and I’m not at all confident that CW/Warner will do it right, if they get over being timid and actually produce a series.

  10. A few factors you need to consider here would be ethnic appearance, She has to be able to pull off a Mediteranian look, and the age bracket you want a Wonder Woman to take place. Is she an established presence already or a newcomer to the world, straight off Paradice Island? Also she needs to appear to be athletic, and no, that doesn’t just mean big knockers.

    Mila Kunis Has the age and ethnic appearance for a good Young Princess Diana but I would question her physical ability for such a role.

    Evangeline Lilly I think has the chops for a more grown up WW, but doesn’t quite pull off the Mediteranian look.

    • They’re both too short, unless Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are going to be the main male characters. It would just look weird for Wonder Woman to be towered over by the other characters. 5’9″ or 5’10” would be the minimum height for Wonder Woman, in my opinion; in a Justice League movie, that would put her just a few inches shorter than Superman (Henry Cavil is 6’1″) instead of more than half a foot (8 inches for Lilly and 9 inches for Kunis).

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