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Pull up anchor, cast off the mooring lines and drop the sail, the good ship Blue Nymph is about to set sail for adventure once again with, Sinbad, her famous seafaring captain, at the helm.

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to present the second volume of brand new stories titled Sinbad the New Voyages. It stars the greatest seaman of them all, Sinbad the Sailor, and his international crew of daring adventurers. Here are Henri Delacrois, the deadly archer from Gaul, Ralf Gunarson, the strapping young Viking giant, Tishimi Osara, the beautiful female samurai, and, of course, Omar, the irascible first mate. All of them are bound together by their love of action and yearning to explore uncharted lands.

“We released the first volume of this series last year,” said Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “Reader response was overwhelming, and we soon were getting lots of mail to do more. It’s very clear there are lots of people out there who lovingly remember those old Harryhausen Sinbad movies.”

This volume contains a new novella by Ed Erdelac with short stories by Shelby Vick and Erwin K. Roberts. Capturing the feel of the old cinematic hero developed by the late stop-action animator Ray Harryhausen, the volume features illustrations by Steven Wilcox and a cover by Kevin Johnson with designs by Rob Davis. Over the horizon awaits treasure, beautiful exotic maidens and monsters beyond imagining. Dare you sign aboard with Sinbad El Ari? If so, battened the hatches and have your curved blade ready, heart pounding adventure awaits within these pages.


Airship 27 Productions is one of the leading publishers of the New Pulp Movement, keeping alive the classic pulp literature of the 30s and 40s while producing newer pulp themed titles by today’s brightest writers and artists. The publisher now offers sixty novels and anthologies, and all titles are available digitally via Amazon’s Kindle as well as at several other outlets. Some are available as e-books. To learn more about Airship 27 and the books they publish, go to or

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