Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores and online this week, that you can check out after the jump.

 Logan’s Run: Rebirth #2
writer: Paul J. Salamoff and William F. Nolan
artist: V Kenneth Marion & Cesare Tatarelli

Having discovered the truth about BOX, Logan returns to the frozen wastelands of Hell to resurrect the cyborg from his icy death. They soon join forces to wage a war on the global network of Thinkers but Logan’s search for redemption will bring him halfway across the globe and this time there’s nowhere to run!

Loganpage3 Loganpage4 Loganpage5 Loganpage6 Loganpage7 LOGANrebirth2

 Tribute: Whitney Houston
writer: Raphael Moran
artist: Kirk Feretzanis

Iconic superstar, Whitney Houston broke records in the music and movie industry.   She was an idol to millions and adored all over the world.  Some even said she had the voice of an angel, but the demons of her past was a creeping ghost on her life which was tragically taken away too soon.   Take a look at her past and how she changed the world with just the sound of her voice.  This is the life and death of Whitney Houston.  Comes with a wrap around cover by famed artist Neil Feigeles.

tributeWHITNEY TributeWhitneypage1 TributeWhitneypage2 TributeWhitneypage3 TributeWhitneypage4 TributeWhitneypage5

 Lost Raven #3
writer: Darren G. Davis
artist: Sean Murphy

As Zak starting getting to the bottom of what secrets this island hold, he finds a little monster who is trying to help him out.  During the day he is fighting for his survival and at night he is trapped in his mortality about being HIV positive.

Lost_rav_complete30 Lost_rav_complete33 Lost_rav_complete50 Lost_rav_complete55 Lost_rav_complete56 LOSTRAVEN3

 Female Force: Arianna Huffington
writer: Martin Pierro
artist: Nick Justus

Arianna Huffington has become one of the most powerful people in the media today. Travel from her roots in Greece to her rise as an American political figure– challenging both sides of the aisle. To read her story is to understand this remarkable woman.

HUFFINGTON Huffingtonpage1 Huffingtonpage2 Huffingtonpage3 Huffingtonpage4 Huffingtonpage5

 FAME: Pop Stars: Volume #2
writer: Marc Shapiro
artist: Kristoffer Smith

Fame offers a broad examination of strong and influential personalities who are influencing culture. In this collected edition, we introduce you some of the biggest names in pop and R&B, including Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Drake, and Black Eyed Peas.

PopstaPage-03 PopstaPage-04 PopstarPage-01 PopstarPage-02 PopstarPage-05 POPSTARS2

 Bartholomew of the Scissors #2
writer: Chad Helder
artist: Daniel Crosier

The horror continues this month as Gordon and Jessica penetrate deeper into the mystery of Bartholomew to learn about the origin of Bartholomew and the horrific Scissor Swarm. The uncanny psychic vision of the Fire Doppelganger reveals the horrific details of Bartholomew’s abduction and murder. Unbeknownst to the investigators, Bartholomew is watching, and he doesn’t appreciate the team probing into his past. Meanwhile, the White Blob gains strength and numbers.

Barth1 Barth2 Barth3 Barth4 Barth5 Barth6 Bartholomew2

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