TELEVISION: And the new Doctor is…


Moments ago the BBC revealed the latest actor to play the Doctor in the long running (50 years) television show, Doctor Who.  Speculation has been rampant for weeks, but now we have the answer…

The 12th Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi was a front runner for many bookies in the UK for the last couple of weeks, and if the name and face look familiar, he should – he was in The Fires of Pompeii episode.

“Doctor who belongs to all of us,” said Capaldi.

The announcement was made during a live television event that featured a number of companions and actors who have portrayed the Doctor, including Peter Davison, Matt Smith (via video), and Colin Baker (also via video).


“He’ll be hard to top,” said Matt Smith during the BBC One broadcast talking about playing the famous time traveler.  I really liked Matt Smith’s silliness on the show, and it will be interesting to see how Capaldi bridges Smith’s Doctor and number 12.

He’s also still not a ginger. The gag has run for the last three regenerations, and depending on how “they” work around the regeneration issue, we may never see a red-haired Doctor.

I remember when the BBC dropped Matt Smith on us – I originally thought he looked too young (26 at the time he was cast). Fortunately five minutes into his appearance I was sold on the new Doctor, and once again, this announcement has me intrigued, with an older (55 year old) Doctor. For the last three incarnations, The Doctor was played by younger and younger actors.  The trend is now broken, which should make a number of people who use this as some kind of continuity happy and/or mad as hell.

_69109657_69109656So how does Capaldi compare?  790 episodes and Doctor Who can still be an exciting show.

Brought up in Glasgow, Scotland, Peter Capaldi attended drama classes and was accepted into the Glasgow School of Art. While studying there he secured his breakthrough role in Local Hero. – via IMDB

Now that you know who the new Doctor is, it’s time to use the comment section and fill it with praise, or hate.  I’m going to be there are more “hate it” comments than “yay!” comments, because we all hate change…

We’ll update this article when the BBC releases the press release.