SOLICITATIONS: Marvel announces Wolverine: Origin II – Snikt Snikt Boogaloo


During the San Diego Comic Con, Marvel announced a number of new titles. One that caught a number of people’s eye was the announcement of a sequel to Wolverine: Origin – Wolverine: Origin II.

A few years after the events of ORIGIN finds James Howlett running with the wolves…until something unexpected brings him back into the world of men! Follow the first “X-Man” as he finds his way back to civilization and falls afoul of someone Sinister, who’s just discovering mutantkind and the horrors he can visit on them.

Though the title isn’t doing anything for me at the moment, the fact that we get to see what happens to Wolverine immediately after the events of Origin are intriguing – especially if creators Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert address the issue of Wolverine moving from berserker to something more in control.

“You don’t play it safe when it comes to Wolverine’s sketchy past,” said editor Jeanine Schaefer in a prepared release. “That’s why we’ve brought out the big guns—Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert—to give Logan the superstar treatment he deserves.”


Wolverine: Origin II #1 arrives in stores in November 2013.

via Marvel