Days of Future Past boasted one of the largest line ups during its portion of Hall H this last weekend during San Diego Comic Con with actors and director discussing different aspects of the film. Today, we actually get to see the marketing for the film start as the first official posters have been released.

X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image X-Men "Days of Future Past" poster -- exclusive image

Yes. Yes, to everything about these posters. I hope they continue this design element with as many characters as possible. Wolverine’s should be interesting.

Days of Future Past arrives in theaters May 13, 2014.

via Entertainment Weekly


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  1. I think these posters are really cool. I’m in the minority amongst my nerding friends in that I really like the first two X-Men movies. We all agree on the excellent First Class movie. These posters really tie the movies together and I’m interested in what direction the new one will take.

  2. I am looking forward to this. Days of the Future Past was one of the X-men epics that I have never read since it took place after the Mutant glut of the early 80s and I had quit reading X-men by that point. I just sat down and watched all of the X-men movies again a week or so ago and I don’t understand all the nerd rage against Last Stand. The movie had been spoiled for me because I had read the Phoenix saga (and, oddly enough, they didn’t follow the comic storyline close enough by my way of thinking), and seeing Captain Piccard reduced to ashes was upsetting, but it wasn’t that bad of an X-man movie. It was interesting seeing Ellen Paige as Kitty Pride. I couldn’t help but see her as Juno, though, when re-watching the movie. The sad thing about the demise of the Hollywood Studio system is that young actors and actresses like Ellen Paige are only able to make a few movies before they grow up, unlike Shirley Temple, who made 46 movies during her childhood, as many as four movies a year. And movie series, like the X-men, Star Trek, and the newer James Bond movies take so long to film, three to seven years between films, that the actors age noticeably between one film and the next. It’s a pity that other film producers don’t take a page from Peter Jackson’s book and film their movie series all at one time and release them a year apart.

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