Among the panels at Comic-Con, Image’s about non-superhero comics was one of the most interesting. Find out what some of the panelists’ thoughts were after the jump!

The panelists were Ron Marz, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley, Frank Barbiere, Ed Brubaker, Kurtis J. Wiebe and John Layman. Here are some of their collective thoughts on the comic industry.

  • They believe the bubble on superhero comics burst since comic readers recognized the pattern of huge mega events and character deaths
  • Creators now have confidence in their own names and no longer have to rely on the names of intellectual properties to carry books
  • Superhero comics have become too corporate
  • Consumers have enabled more genres to exist in comics by buying them (seems like common sense, but is still worth repeating)
  • Its easier to pitch genre work than superhero stories
  • They like that they get to be god and don’t have to play with anyone else’s toys
  • Readers’ reactions to books is very informative
  • Chew got weirder and wilder thanks to the artist
  •  Ed Brubaker wants to do romance comics, he once did a whole issue of Daredevil dedicated to a John Romita romance comic
  • There are romance comics already, they are just dressed up in different genres
  • Saga is an example of this
  • Layman is mad that Chew is never nominated for humor awards since he thinks its a humor book at its core
  • Only research Layman does for Chew is greek/latin words to make up the names of the powers
  • Finding a perfect artist is important since comics are a visual medium
  • Image is the company for reading comics, not collecting comics

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