With all the movies and television at the San Diego Comic Con, we can often forget the actual comics. Well Major Spoilers doesn’t, and thats why we have the latest and greatest comic news about DC Entertainment’s events Trinity War and Forever Evil. Spoilers ahoy!

The panel was hosted by Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes

We Can Be Heroes

  • So far they have raised over 2.3 million for the We Can Be Heroes relief campaign
  • You can support the We Can Be Heroes campaign by donating or buying original art for sale over at ebay.com/wecanbeheroes

Trinity War

  • In the end, the good guys lose
  • Each of the different Leagues has a “guide” through the war. I’m assuming these are Pandora/The Question/Phantom Stranger
  • Jeff Lemire’s first big event
  • Swamp Thing and Doctor Fate have cameos
  • Frankenstein and Wonder Woman will find some common ground
  • Constantine will have a central role
  • Will finally be able to see the full extent of Zantana’s power
  • “Every threat that has been set up in the New 52 will tie up in Trinity War” – Geoff Johns

Forever Evil

  • Will focus on the greatest villains of the DC universe and their chance to take over the world
  • They all disagree about what this means, some actually like having the Justice League on top since it keeps things simple
  • Lex Luthor is sort of the main character
  • There will be a bromance between Black Adam and Sinestro, they find common ground in both having the belief that the people should rule
  • There will be a war between the Arkham villains and the Blackgate villains
  • At some point there will be an issue titled Rogues Rebellion, in which the Flash’ rogue gallery fight against the other villains
  • Deathstroke will face down against Colonel Trevor
  • Joker is mentioned in the first issue


  • Pandora’s role in rebooting the DC universe will be touched upon after Trinity War
  • There was a kid at the panel that absolutely loved DC One Million, it was so cute
  • There will be a Batman One Million skin in the upcoming Arkham Origins game
  • Jeff Lemire has huge plans for Martian Manhunter next year
  • Constantine #5 will tie in to Trinity War, and will have Constantine wielding Shazam’s power

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  1. Wish I could have made it in person. Thanks for the recap from this panel… It’s true that comics are almost a second thought at Comic-Con. Weird but true. It’s all about the people though.

    I’m really looking forward to the end of Trinity War and seeing how it segues into Forever Evil. It’s a great summer for comics and people that haven’t “gotten” the DC reboot yet have some catching up to do now.

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