Cartoon Network debuted three of their new upcoming shows at the San Diego Comic Con this year. Find out some info about them and my impressions on what was shown after the jump!

The panelists were Pete Browngardt, Audie Harrison, Adam DeVine, Rebecca Sugar, IanJones-Quartey and Skyler Page.

Uncle Grandpa

  • This is Adam DeVine’s first cartoon, and he plays a talking piece of pizzaUncle Grandpa is everyone in the world’s Uncle Grandpa
  • Uncle Grandpa drives around in an RV that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside
  • Uncle Grandpa has no idea where he is going to end up or who is going to stay with
  • There is a very colorful supporting cast that include the following:
  • Pizza Steve, a talking piece of pizza that loves eating pizza and is very egotistical
  • Mr. Gus, a low key, voice of reason, dinosaur guy
  • Belly Bag, a talking fanny pack that Uncle Grandpa wear and can pull anything out of
  • Berry Nice, a happy teddy bear
  • Tiny Miracle, a robot that helps Uncle Grandpa
  • A talking hotdog
  • A super realistic tiger

Steven Universe

  • Based on Rebecca Sugar’s brother Steven
  • Steven is the youngest of The Crystal Gems, a group of magically imbued cosmic heroes
  • They live in a sleepy beach town/boardwalk
  • The town is not very aware of what The Crystal Gems do
  • The real Steven is a background designer on the show and the writers constantly bug him to get new ideas
  • There will be lots of signing


  • Clarence is a goofy kid that just wants everyone to have fun
  • He has two friends, Jeff and Sumo
  • Jeff is uptight
  • Sumo likes to break things
  • In one episode Clarence ties to make his own currency and distributes it at school
  • The stories are based on thats that happened to the creators as awkward, nerdy kids


  • Uncle Grandpa was a bit too random for my tastes, but it looked great and had a lot of potential for a variety of stories
  • Steven Universe was very much in the Adventure Time vein, a good mix of fantastical and comedy
  • Clarence was the funniest out of the bunch, and it had a lot of heart, my personal favorite
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