While San Diego Comic Con has been a blast while happening the last few days, it wasn’t the only event of the weekend. PAX Australia also happened this weekend, and Wizards of the Coast had a Magic: the Gathering panel down under. We have a number of spoilers for upcoming releases that weren’t discussed yesterday after the jump.

Cruel Ultimatum is in FTV: 20
Venser, Shaper Savant is in FTV: 20
Proxxh, Skyraider of Kher for Commander
-Krakens are officially in Theros
-Nyx is the night sky, and home of the gods
-Nyx moves around each night
-Major cities in Theros are inspired by Athens and Sparta
-Thassa is god of the sea (and a merfolk)
-“Heroes’ Path” prerelease information include hero cards which are won by completing quests
-M14 is likely to be the last prerelease without a meta gimmick, like guild packs or the Helvault
-No Elves on Theros, as they are replaced by Centaurs and Satyrs

While there wasn’t as much as yesterday, we still got some cool info. A kobold based commander, the Blue God (only need the Red now), and a few more bits of info all sound pretty good to me.


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