During the Warner Bros. panel the first footage was shown of an upcoming World of Warcraft movie! All the details (not much) after the jump.

Right after footage of Godzilla was shown at the panel, footage of a, then, unknown project began rolling. It was a scene of a human fighting a CG-Orc. As the two battled, the Orc was bringing his blade down on the human as the scene cut, right to the World of Warcraft logo!

This Warcraft adaptation will by directed by Duncan Jones who said that footage shown is a “mood piece” and that official shooting will start early 2014. He also screamed this to the crowd,

“Can I just get this out of my system? I know how lucky I am and I’m so, so excited to do it.”

That is all the news we have at this time. If the footage makes its way on to the Internet or any other information regarding the project, Major Spoilers will be here to let you know.

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