SDCC’13: Western noir crime drama in Dead Body Road


Sometimes it pays to do a simple search. All those teasers Image has been sending out are indeed for a series called Dead Body Road.

Justin Jordan will be writing the six-issue series from Image Comics/Skybound.  Coming along for the art will be Matteo Scalera.

…the series sends an ex-cop named Gage on a mission of ultimate vengeance when his wife is killed during a bank robbery where the culprits were looking for more than just loot, and Gage makes it a point to dispatch every single one of them no matter what.

This series is set in the modern day, so I expect we’ll see a lot of modern gun play, though I was rather interested in seeing a story set near the end of the cowboy era.  As Jordan pointed out in an interview with USA Today, that might make it seem too much like Jonah Hex.

Dead Body Road arrives in November.

via USA Today