Sometimes announcements are planned at panels. Other times actors might slip up a bit and show a studio’s hand early. Vin Diesel just might have done exactly that at his Riddick panel.

During the Riddick panel Diesel was asked what his vision was for the upcoming Marvel movie projects. This question of course comes from the fact that the actor met with the studio earlier this month.

There is some very big news coming at the end of this month. Poor Marvel. Poor, poor Marvel.

Those are the words Diesel used to answer the question. So, from this we could assume two different things. One, Diesel has signed on for an upcoming project. Or, two, Marvel is the target of the next Fast and Furious movie Diesel will star in.

What do you make of his answer? Have any ideas of what projects he could be tied to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

via Total Film


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  1. Hmm…interesting. It sounds like, maybe he’s playing a villain? That’s pretty vague, and nobody jumps to mind as a part he’d be perfect for or anything.

  2. He could be Thanos or any other villain. For voice, I’d say Thanos. Thanos is supposed to be scary all around so some make up, some CGI and BAM! No voice over necessary..

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