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UDON Entertainment and ShiftyLook are proud to announce that this November, the Super-Unequaled Hero of Excellence himself, BRAVOMAN, will make the leap to the printed page in Bravoman™ Volume 1 Hardcover Graphic Novel, from Matt Moylan, Dax Gordine, and UDON Entertainment!

BRAVOMAN®, a classic Japanese video game originally created by NAMCO LIMITED in 1988, has been re-envisioned by NAMCO BANDAI Games’ ShiftyLook project and is now appearing in hilarious, all-new comic strips three times a week on the ShiftyLook website! The hit new webcomics have spun off a brand new video game, a new animated series, and — coming this fall — a graphic novel collecting the first year of BRAVOMAN™ comics!

“We have a super-unequaled excitement about the new areas the BRAVOMAN franchise will stretch into with this book,” said Rob Pereyda, NAMCO BANDAI Games’ ShiftyLook Producer and Editor-in-Chief. “We are optimistic that people with any sense of taste anywhere will enjoy the work of excellence that the good folks at UDON Entertainment have created.”

“We’re very excited by our partnership with ShiftyLook to help create, and now publish, the adventures of Bravoman,” said UDON Chief of Operations Erik Ko. “UDON crew members Matt Moylan and Dax Gordine are writing and drawing a hilarious, high-quality strip. I’m thrilled that a brand new audience will get to discover the series in comic and book stores.”


Bravoman™ Volume 1 is a 152-page hardcover graphic novel, arriving in stores November 2013. Collecting more than 130 strips from the ultra-stretchy, monster-battling, giant robot-smashing hero’s adventures, Bravoman™ Volume 1 is also jam-packed with bonus pin-ups, rough sketches, creator commentary, and much much more! A thrilling welcome to the world of BRAVOMAN™ and a collectible yearbook for the tens of thousands of hardcore webcomics fans, Bravoman™ Volume 1 is not to be missed!

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