SDCC’13: Marvel announces Thor: The Dark World mobile game


Marvel had a panel today to discuss all things video game related and some big news they dropped is that a The Dark World mobile game will be released this fall. Read the details that we know as of now after the jump.

A trailer for the game was shown during the panel, but it has yet to make its way onto the Internet. What we do know of the mobile game is that it will be released to coincide with Thor: The Dark World theatrical release in November and will tie-in with the film. The game will released on the iPhone, iPad, and Android, so no one should be left out. Featuring a brand-story written by Christopher Yost (Superior Spider-Man Team-Up) including over 100 levels, multi-player and more it seems to be a game that fans of Thor will not want to miss out on.

When more information, or that trailer, is released you can be sure that we will let you know.

via Comic Book Movie