Oni Press had their big (a relative term) panel on Friday, announcing a whole slew of new books, and here they are!

The people on the panel were John Schork, James Lucas Jones, Joe Harris, Ted Naifeh and Natalie Nourigat.

  • Volume 4 of Courtney Crumrin coming in October with plans to collect and release the rest of the story.
  • A Boy & A Girl, a new series from Jamie S. Rich & Natalie Nourigat, all done in one color, out in October.
  • The Mysterious Strangers, a new ongoing from Chris Roberson & Scott Kowalchuk. This love letter to Adam West Batman and The Prisoner is told entirely in two issue arcs. Third issue out in August.
  • Diesel Sweeties, the first collection of the webcomic by Rich Stevens, described as “Peanuts with sex jokes” is out this month.
  • Wars in Toyland, this dark children’s story story of a boy who gets sucked into a world of toys at war while looking for his lost brother comes curtesy of Joe Harris. The entire book is done in a landscape format and is out this month.
  • The Auteur, from Rick Spear, James Callahan and Luigi Anderson, is about a failed fictional filmmaker as he tries to makes a horror movie by bringing on an actual serial killer as consultant. Described as “Curb Your Enthusiasm on PCP.”

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