Relativity Media has had a rough time getting their The Crow reboot off the ground, but it now seems like they have done just that as a poster stating the beginning of principle photography has been released on this Comic-Con Friday.

The teaser poster was done by none-other-than The Crow’s comic creator James O’Barr and had this to say about the project:

The book’s been in print since ’89, so it’s getting close to 30 years. I thought all of my fans will grow old with me and that will be the end of it. But no, it gets passed down generation to generation. It’s still, to this day, fully 60 percent of my core audience is 16-year-old goth girls and I’m like, ‘You weren’t even born when it came out, how do you know about it?’  And they’re boyfriend suggested it to them or their dad introduced it to them. A second generation is affected by it.

As the poster states, principal photography is scheduled to being 2014. Whether that means early 2014, Spring, Summer, or Fall is anyones guess however.

via Shock Till You Drop


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