Back in June, Papercutz came to a deal with WWE over rights to comic series based on the Pro-Wrestling franchise and its many superstars. Well, that news has expanded at SDCC to include not one, but two different titles based on the franchise. So take the jump for the full set of info.

CBR was able to get the exclusive info straight from the publisher as well as a quote from Mick Foley, the man writing the first title. The first title is an ongoing monthly comic series starting in December simply titled WWE, which is essentially the wrestling world come to life. WWE Hall of Fame wrestler (and New York Times bestselling author) Mick Foley will write stories set in the actual continuity of WWE storylines, complete with matches, backstage segments and of course the company’s superstars — both past and present.
”I am very excited about this new partnership and comic book series,” Foley is quoted as saying in a press release. “Writing is a great outlet for me, and sharing stories of WWE Superstars, both past and present, make it possible to introduce a whole new generation to WWE.”

This first title is designed for a Teen+ audience and will be part of a line aimed at said audience, the rest of which will be revealed later this year.
The second title, which won’t launch until June 2014, is going to be targeted for kids and is “tied into a new WWE initiative,” according to Papercutz Marketing Director Jesse Post. It will be a series of graphic novels released only three times a year.


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