Earlier this year Dark Horse acquired the comic-book license for Halo and announced a mini-series titled Halo: Initiaion, which will be released in August. But, it has been confirmed that Initiation won’t be the only Halo comic as Dark Horse will be announcing an ongoing series beginning in December.

Confirmed by WIRED, Frank O’Connor of Dark Horse will make the announcement about Halo: Escalationan on-going Halo comic series that will makes its debut in December of this year. Lead writer of the Halo 4 video game, Chris Schlerf will be writing the comic for Dark Horse as Omar Francia (Mass Effect, Star Wars: Legacy) will be providing art for the first three issues. Dragon Age comic artist Anothony Palumbo will be handling the covers for Escalation.

Schlerf says that the comic series looks to develop and expand on the story elements that are present in the video game series.

Halo in general has always had some great characters, more, I think, than it’s been given credit for.


The overall fiction of the Halo universe has defined people’s experiences with the game beyond just our storylines and our characters. Multi-player in particular has been shaped by the fantasy of being a Spartan and the more sci-fi elements of gameplay that go beyond just a typical military shooter


And when we do it right, that’s what elevates games beyond what other fictional mediums can do – it allows us to create stories where people are immersed as active participants as opposed to just a silent audience.

The official announcement of the series from Dark Horse will come from a panel later today, but fans of the Halo franchise can celebrate a little early knowing that an on-going series will be here before the end of the year.



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