Many panels happened today at San Diego Comic Con and one of those was dedicated solely to Bruce Timm. He discussed a few things including Batman Beyond, Man of Steel, and Marvel characters. We give you the highlights after the jump.

One of the first items discussed was the revelation that Timm is working on a Batman short for the DC Nation block Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network. This isn’t the announcement of a new series from Timm, but it is exciting to know that he is still creating new material for Batman. Timm said that the short will be black and white and have a feel of the Bob Kane era. No word on when that is set to air.

Timm was asked about the controversial Man of Steel from Zack Synder earlier this summer and he said he liked it.

Bruce was asked what was one animated series that he wishes he could bring back and Batman Beyond was his choice. He admits that the short life of the show was due to the lack of merchandising due to companies not liking this toy designs.

One of the last questions of the panel was in regard to what Marvel character Timm would do if he could. He answer with not just one character, but with three: Shang-Chi, Iron Fist and Luke Cage in a “Quentin Tarantino style.” Which, upon reading, made me cry out to the animation gods pleading for that to happen.

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