We have all already seen the teaser that was released earlier this week to promote the Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel, which featured the first footage of Jamie Foxx as Electro. Now the panel has come and gone and we have highlights to share with you.

Much was discussed and shown at this panel so let us jump right in.

  • Andrew Garfield once again came to the panel wearing this Spider-Man costume, except this time he just started out on stage wearing it.
  • Foxx says that he wanted Electro to come from an angry place and that is what he got. Max Dillon’s backstory will apparently include a mom who does not remember his birthday.
  • Speaking of backstory, Dillion will supposedly get his powers from falling into a tank of genetically modified eels while working at Oscorp.
  • Webb confirms that Electro is the main villain for ASM2, with Giamatti only having a few scenes.
  • Garfield, when asked about a Spider-Man storyline he would like to see said, “I’d like to see him in the Avengers.”
  • Andrew made comments about the costume redesign saying, “The eyes are much bigger and better. It’s still as tight, but I was able to urinate in this one more easily. I loved the first one, I did, but it’s mostly the ability to urinate that I’m happy about.”
  • Dane DeHaan gave us some insight on his character of Harry Osborne:

In this version Peter and Harry were childhood friends, and then Harry was sent off to a boarding school at a young age. He has a complicated relationship with Norman and never really went home. He ignored his home life, stayed at school and partied and got into things he shouldn’t have got into. He tried to buy his way into happiness with his trust fund. Now he’s graduated and home for the first time and seeing Peter for the first time, and they have to reconcile their relationship; I think what binds them is their complicated relationships with their fathers.

Lot of great information came from this panel on what is to be the beginning of a long arc of Spider-Man films. What are your thoughts? Any surpring comments from those on the panel? Let us know in the comments below!

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