Bill Plympton is the most prolific independent animator. He still uses the painstaking process of drawing each of his films by hand, frame by frame with colored pencils. The world of animation would not be the same without the creative mind of Bill Plympton– the only artist to ever animate six feature length films single-handedly.

Bill will be at Booth #1537 daily to sign copies of the ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS! DVD (a feature length documentary that goes deep inside his head) as well as his other works!
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Adventures in Plymptoons!
A Documentary Film by Alexia Anastasio
Now Available on HULU (psst – for Free!)
ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS! a documentary film by Alexia Anastasio about the famous indie animator Bill Plympton, is now available free on HULU. The renowned and prolific animator of several short animations for music videos and various full-length films life is documented through a film and is now offered for people who want to watch it in HULU, absolutely free.

Dubbed as the King of Indie Animation, Bill Plympton is a true innovator. “Bill has an impossible ability to carelessly marry the absurd with the profound,” says actor and “Robot Chicken” creator Seth Green. Internationally recognized for his outrageous and sometimes grotesque style, his distorted characters with bizarre metamorphic transitions combined with loads of adult humor. Plympton still uses the pain-staking process of drawing each of his films by hand, frame by frame with colored pencils. With six animated feature length films under his belt, the only artist to ever conquer that feat, the world of animation would not be the same without the creative mind of Bill Plympton.

ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS! goes deep inside the method and madness of America’s most independent animator, creatively incubated in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Interviews with many of Plympton’s collaborators, such as Tom Kenny (voice of SpongeBob SquarePants), David Silverman (Director THE SIMPSONS MOVIE), Terry Gilliam (Writer, MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL), Martha Plimpton (THE GOOD WIFE), Matthew Modine (FULL METAL JACKET), Ed Begley, Jr., Peter Jason, Moby and Weird Al Yankovic, offer candid and comic insights into the irreverent man who has become an international success by not selling out.

First-time filmmaker Anastasio chose Plympton as her subject after meeting him at the Golden Trailer awards. She found his passion for his work and the independent path he has chosen, as an inspiration to all artists who continue to pursue their dreams and goals in life without second thoughts.

“I am so happy that Adventures in Plymptoons! is on Hulu. My goal is to inspire as many people that it is possible to be a full time artist,” says, Alexia Anastasio, its filmmaker.

The film was produced by I Believe Productions, is distributed by Cinema Libre Studio and is available on DVD (Amazon and other outlets) as well as digital platforms including: Amazon Instant, Netflix Streaming and Hulu.

For more news about the film and other works of Bill Plympton, checkout the following links:

Bill Plympton’s website:
Adventures in Plymptoons!:

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