TELEVISION: WHaaaaa!? Simpsons and Family Guy to crossover this fall


Here’s some news that will surely ruffle some feathers… mmmmm… Ruffles…

The Simpsons and Family Guy are going to have a crossover!

All of this is according to Entertainment Weekly, that describes the episode as “…in which Peter and the rest of the Griffins embark on a road trip and wind up in Springfield. There, they cross paths with Homer, who graciously greets his new “albino” visitors, and the two families become fast friends. Stewie is impressed with Bart and his assortment of pranks, Lisa tries to figure out exactly what it is that she’s good at, and Marge and Lois do some bonding. Meanwhile, Peter and Homer argue over which beer is better: Pawtucket or Duff.”

Ah yes, this sounds exactly like what I would expect a Simpsons/Family Guys crossover to be like.  The only thing missing is the loud sound of the cash register going off every five minutes as Fox rolls in the money laughing and wondering what it would take to get American Dad to crossover with The PJs.

via Entertainment Weekly