TELEVISION: Tara Strong back as Batgirl


Beware the Batman will air its second episode this Saturday on the Cartoon Network and fans of previous Batman cartoons will hear a familiar voice when Batgirl enters the screen as Tara Strong has announced she will once again be voicing Barbra Gordon.

Announced earlier this morning via Twitter, Tara Strong revealed that she is apart of the latest Batman cartoon as she gives voice to Barbra Gordon/Batgirl.


Tara Strong fans have much to be excited about as the actor once again began voicing Raven as Teen Titans Go! came on the air. If you hadn’t be excited to watch Beware the Batman, does the announcement of a familiar voice coming to the show make you want to tune in? Let us know in the comments below.

Make sure to catch Tara’s return to Batgirl this Saturday on  Beware the Batman at 10 am EST on Cartoon Network.

via Tara Strong