SDCC’13: Afterlife with Archie gets trailer


Who is excited to see Archie Andrews battle the undead in the upcoming Afterlife with Archie?  If you said “no,” then there really is no joy and happiness in your life.

If you said, “Yes!” then good news everyone! There’s a trailer teasing us with undead goodness, after the jump!

The zombie invasion of Riverdale is caused by Reggie, who runs over and kills Jughead’s dog Hot Dog. Jughead has Sabrina the Teenage Witch revive the poor pooch, but then he bites Jughead, infecting him, and the infection spreads from there.
-via Comics Alliance

I have taken a liking to Francesco Francavilla’s art – and why wouldn’t I? Stephen’s been posting his art on this site for years – and his gruesome take on the Shuffling Kids from Riverdale is going to be worth every penny I plunk down for it. And by every penny I plunk down, I really mean every penny my Gramma is going to plunk down, ’cause that’s how I roll.