The end/mid credit scene has become a staple of comic book movies, so much that those who stand up as the credits begin rolling are secretly mocked by those who know to never leave a comic movie until the credits are completely over. Well it seems that the scene ending The Wolverine next week has been leaked so if you DO not want to read what that scene will include, DO not take the jump.

Last chance, if you don’t want to read potential spoilers don’t read any further.

Wolverine is walking through an airport two years after the events of the movie and all the metal detectors start going haywire with paperclips and shit flying everywhere. He turns around to find Ian McKellan’s Magneto standing there. Magneto warns him of an enemy looking to destroy Mutants by building machines (this is directly following a Trask reference so it’s probably Sentinels) and asks Wolverine to join him in defending his kind. Wolverine says no and asks why he should even consider it, when all the police and civilians gathered around them freeze and Patrick Stewart as Prof X wheels into frame and says something generic. Cue credits


Couple things that make me want to believe that what we have read is in fact going to be the ending kicker scene.

  • We know that the next X-Men movie is Days of Future Past, which will include Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart and this scene will set the stage for that.
  • Trask Sentinels were shown off heavily at SDCC today, giving weight to the mention of “Mutant destroying machines.”

Personally, I think this would be a great credits scene that starts laying the pieces for a giant X-Men movie franchise continuity. Of course, we won’t know (presumably) if this is the ending scene until The Wolverine releases in theaters next week.

What are your thoughts you brave few who face the spoilers in the face and laugh in the face of Wolverine? Would this be a satisfying credit scene? Could they do better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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