Sometimes, when a question of the day presents itself, it leaps fully formed from my forehead like Athena, as happened yesterday.  But yesterday’s query was one that, once I started thinking about it, led down other paths.  Sure, I could see myself wanting a solid Jack Palance “Hhhhnumber one-ah guy-ah,” but I found myself also enjoying the though of playing stoic Joe Gibken to the more excitable Captain Marvelous, or even acting as Doctor Druid to Captain America’s Avengers leader. (Actually, that’s not true, not even *I* am nerd hipster enough to want to pretend to be Doctor Druid.) Heck, in Battle of the Planets, designated Lancer Jason got all the best lines and even got to die the hero (if you have the right version of the English dub.)  And as cool as Doctor John Robinson was, it was ace pilot Major Don West who got the girl and the glory aboard the space-lost Jupiter II, which in turn begs today’s reversed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) let you pick your Chewbacca, but now wonders who you want for your Han Solo, asking: If you were allowed to BE second-in-command to any fictional character, who would you choose and why?


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  1. Banban Akaza (DekaRed), before or after his promotion to SPD Fire Squad because then I’d be a Dekaranger.

    Or possibly Galactus because then I’d have cosmic powers as his herald.

    Either way, I get awesome powers and a spiffy new look!

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